A step-up transformer is actually one whose secondary voltage is over its primary voltage. For that safety of the electric powered equipment and power backup for lighting and gadgets, we have a dedicated expert team at Servo Voltage Stabilizer work station. Each and every specialist works towards manufacturing the most effective stabilizer for balancing this output power and input power of work. We are providing our valued shoppers with impeccable Step along Transformer. Designed with higher precision, this offered merchandise efficiently reduces electrical voltage. Keeping in mind divergent demands of these clients, we offer the items in different specifications. Our customers can avail from us a wide range of Step along Transformer. Owing to their good performance and low power consumption, these are widely demanded on the market. As a step up, step-down transformer converts high-voltage, low-current power into low-voltage, high-current. The larger-gauge wire used in the secondary winding is necessary due to the increase in current.