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Voltage transformer is a type of instrument that gauge and protect the safety levels in high and low-voltage circuits. They allow a negligible load to a supply being measured and for creating a precise voltage ratio for stepping down or stepping up voltages accurately. VCT is the largest distributor and a global leader in providing the most technically advanced 110V/220V power conversion solutions. We are leading organizations worldwide depend on Voltage transformer for the best quality and Premium Transformers, Voltage Converters, Voltage Regulators, Japan Converters,Comm. Transformers,12V Power Inverters,24V Power Inverters,220V 50Hz Power Inverter, Pure Sine Inverters, Plug Adapters, Surge Protectors. These are passive devices which don’t add power. These are very efficient; under normal conditions they transmit about 99% of the power that enters them. Like converters, transformers can be either ‘Step-Up’ or ‘Step-Down’ too. Most voltage transformers are designed to either step voltage up or to step it down, although some are used only to isolate the voltage.