If you have to know the wattage of your device as a way to determine the appropriate voltage converter to buy so look on the indications label of your device for the W for getting this information. Then, be sure you buy a converter that has a wattage rating that is 2-3 times higher than it you plan to operate as a way to safely convert. So, when you travel from an 110V region along with your 110V devices to the 220V region, you’ll need a Step up Converter. And likewise, if you travel from a 220V country to point out, a 110V nation, you will need to convert down using, you guessed it, a Phase Down Converter. Easy. As well as better, there are many converters that behave as a Step up Phase down Converter, so you can go anywhere and use your favorite device with this wide-spread travel converter. See in addition Step 6, which explains Step-up and Step down Voltage Converters. All of our Power Spark converters are Step-up Step Down.